Great heating,and lighting product's
Bearded Dragons require full spectrum lighting for 12-14 hours a day. I happen to use the Reptisun 5.0 or 8.0 fluorescent bulbs. There is also other brands available such as the Reptiglo or lumichrome bulbs. These fluorescent bulbs should stretch the length of your Beardies enclosure and your B.D. should be able to come within 6-8 inches of the light. The UV light should be placed over the cage and not directed through the glass , glass will deflect the UV rays. Follow the directions on the package of the bulb for replacement frequency.
Lighting,and heating
Your pet lizard will require some special lighting. You will need to supply a UVB fluorescent bulb which is necessary for the metabolism of vitamin D3. The bearded dragon will also need a reptile daylight bulb, or heat emitter. A combination light fixture that supports both fluorescent and incandescent light fixtures is required. Under-tank heating will come from a heat pad attached to the bottom of the tank. You should not use heat rocks because they can potentially form hot spots that could burn your reptile. If you see your dragon gaping (sitting with its mouth open) it is too hot. Turn off some of the lights, mist it with water, and if necessary remove it from the cage for a while.
~Heating and temps~
To produce heat, and a basking spot in your enclosure, you can use either a ceramic heat emitter, a reptile basking light(red, blue or white) or just a plain old household light bulb. The best fixture for any of these choices is a porcelain dome light fixture. This type of fixture is a must with a ceramic heat emitter due to the amount of heat they produce. The temperature for this basking spot you created should be around 110f for juveniles, and can be around 95f for adults. Although I don't recommend any temps above 110f, within a few degrees of these basking temps will be sufficient.
~The cool side of the enclosure should be around 85f during the day. Once again within a few degrees of this temp is just fine.
~Nighttime temperatures can fall as low as 65f. It is fairly easy to keep your night temps above this even in the winter. If you can't keep your temps above this, you may want to consider buying an under tank heater (UTH) for nighttime use. Using this just during the evening hours will help create a warm spot for your Dragon to sleep. DO NOT! use heat rocks as these can cause serious burns on your animal's underside.
~A thermometer on the "hot side" and one on the "cool side" will make sure that your temps are in the range they should be in.