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Our Goal's

~The Site was created with the intentions to provide resourceful information on how to care for your Bearded Dragon.You will be happy to see that through extensive research,we have provided several links to purchase product's that we feel will best suit your Bearded Dragons needs.
(Use due diligence w/making purchase's)
~This site provides valuable resources such as; review's, independent testing, and side by side product comparison.
~This site will give you tip's on thing's like;
*How to mate your Bearded Dragon, and the environments in which to mate.

*What you can feed your Bearded Dragon.

*What you should not allow your Beardie to eat.

*What kind of lighting your Bearded Dragon will need, and at what interval's.

*Feeding schedule's, and so much more for you Bearded Dragon friend.

We ask that as you explore the rich content of this site, if at any moment a question or comment arise's, that you speak your opinion's. Or you can simply email us.
Remember! Our Goal is to provide a user friendly site. Just sign in the guest book (to the right on the screen, and type away. We will respond in a timely manner. Caring for your bearded Dragon will be fun, and exciting, and with a little help, you can be well on your way to providing the environment of your dreams for your Bearded Dragon. So take your time, look around, and enjoy.

Now that you have commited to your new
 Bearded dragon friend, you should consider a few things. One, do you have a qualified Herp Vet in your area that will be able to care for your new pet if it get's sick? Newly aquired Bearded Dragons should always have a fecal sample tested for parasites,  and a general health checkup. It is also a good idea to have them retested for parasites once a year.

Also, are you going to be able to afford to feed, house, and care for your pet during it's life? Bearded Dragons will eat like ravenous beasts when young and will cost you alot of money. The UV light they require also needs to be replaced approximately every six months, which is also going to cost a bit of money. Let's not forget trips to the Vet, these may also add up over the years of your Beardies life.

~care sheet~ is made up from what I have learned from years of research and keeping these animals. This does not mean that this is the "Beardie Bible" and the only way to keep and care for them. You are the one that ultimately decides how to properly care for your pet. Please feel free to print and use this care sheet. Again, at anytime you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to let me know. 


Image by FlamingText.com
Image by FlamingText.com
~In Loving Memory Of Steve Irwin~
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